Sachsen-Allee Shopping Centre

A lively market place in the centre of Chemnitz

The ‘Sachsen-Allee’ shopping centre is the modern and lively shopping and social meeting point for Chemnitz and the entire region. Approximately 85 shops, cafés and restaurants provide a highly attractive range of services over two, elegantly designed promenade levels. The architectural design of Sachsen-Allee Chemnitz fulfils the highest standards. Plenty of light and transparency ensure a pleasant atmosphere. Quiet areas and fountains encourage visitors to stay a while.

Approximately 1,770 free parking spaces are available. ‘Sachsen-Allee’ is currently undergoing a thorough revitalisation with the addition of a food court that will provide visitors with a wide range of different food and drink from August 2018 onwards.

The property in brief

The shopping centre ‘Sachsen-Allee’ was built in 1996/1997 on an area of approximately 55,500 m². The effective area is approximately 43,000 m². About 85 shops, cafés and restaurants are spread across two promenade levels.

The shopping centre is supplemented by two listed office buildings that provide an appealing contrast to the glass façade in the entrance area.


The centre is located close to the city, approx. 1,500 m from the centre and is well connected in terms of traffic with different bus lines and two main roads.

Approximately 30,000 people live less than 1,000 m from the property.

Special features

Natural supply and return ventilation of the boulevard of shops is one of the features that help us to save energy at Sachsen-Allee Chemnitz.

A glass roof that can be opened separately ensures that the climate in the shopping centre is always pleasant.

43,000 m²

Effective area



Shops, cafés and restaurants



Free parking spaces