Asset Management

We see asset management as the strategic and value-based management of the properties entrusted to us. In the course of sustainable value development the focus is laid on planning, realising, controlling and monitoring all tasks that arise during the purchase, management and sale of a property. We focus on the following topics in our consideration and actions:

  • Rental and tenant satisfaction
  • Technical condition and competitiveness
  • Digitalisation status
  • The quality of external service providers

In doing so we work on managing the properties ‘to the perfect level’. This means deriving an operative timeline based on the strategic objectives and adapting the rental contracts and the technical conditions accordingly.

Sustainable risk management strategies are contrasted with the concrete aim of increasing value for the strategic development of the properties. We use this to develop individual investment strategies for the relevant properties and ensure the realisation.

We do not concentrate on individual asset classes but rather on tested and successful methods and will call in professional and local experts to resolve complex problems where necessary. We are only able to do this because of our wide range of know-how and well established market networking.

We see our asset management as a connective link between the fund and portfolio management, the transaction management and the property management.