Fund Management

Assetando fund management deals with the active management of all real estate investment products. This includes both strategic positioning and ensuring that the right activities are derived from this. We develop strategies that best serve the relevant yield, risk and liquidity aim in accordance with the product alignment and objectives. This is always done in close cooperation with the investors or with the companies’ advisory committees. It is not an issue to us whether it is a classic fund structure or another national or international investment vehicle.

The fund management derives clear strategies for action regarding asset management – this is where our close connections between the units come into their own – short paths for fast decisions are a matter of course for us. Important business partners like key tenants are looked after directly by fund management.

Furthermore the fund management also controls liquidity and carries out negotiations with banks and other finance partners as part of the procurement of outside capital.

We prepare and execute capital increases, fund restructuring and fund liquidations.

Another important component is the commercial administration of the companies. Among other things this includes controlling and risk management, the preparation and execution of general meetings and the support and management of all service providers who work for the fund company, particularly tax accountants, appraisers and auditors. Besides structuring under company law we also take over the function of the management team and work in close cooperation with investors, trustees and advisory boards.

The fund sector, and here in particular the sector of closed-end funds, is in a process of transformation. New products are only being launched by a few market participants. Companies that only administer so-called inventory funds are looking for new business models.

As fund managers we have made it our mission in the course of the market consolidation to give funds professional management again where this was no longer possible for cost reasons or no longer wanted for strategic reasons.

Through the experience gained from the acquisition of various issuing houses we are able to use resources more effectively and achieve economies of scale across the large number of fund mandates.

The fund and product portfolios that we have acquired in the past include the issuing houses HCI Capital, König & Cie., WestFonds and Merkens Fonds and in this way we are able to manage further property portfolios and companies from private and institutional real estate investments.