Property Management

We know about the challenges of property management from many years of experience. This experience has shown: the most important adjustment tool for successful commercial operation and sustainable value appreciation/retention of a property is high-quality property management.

In the classical sense property management includes the active planning, realisation and control of all measures for a property during the commercial operation phase.

  • Initial and subsequent rental
  • Tenant services and rental contract administration
  • Rental and property accounting
  • Technical property management
  • Supply and disposal services
  • Management of conversion and renovation projects
  • Management of external service providers
  • Reporting

We actively reduce loss of rent and the risk of vacancies through renting and long-term tenant loyalty and tenant support.

A sound accountancy allows a high level of transparency and forms the basis for results-oriented reporting. Value-oriented maintenance measures and cost-optimised supply and service provision contracts allow us to bring the property results into an adequate relation to the risks.

Our objective is to always find a solution that is tailored to the different property strategies. We see ourselves as the communication interface between owners, asset managers, building service providers and tenants.